Lottery Winners and their Mistakes


When it comes to the lottery, everyone wants to win because the jackpots are amazing that can change your life.

There are some people that have been fortunate enough to win the lottery and win big. However it seems that not all lottery winners have been fortunate with their winnings. Here is a look at some mistakes that lottery winners have made according to financesonline.com.

  1. Giving the Ticket to a Friend

Jose Antonia Cua-Toc bought a winning lottery ticket in Georgia and won $750 000 in 2010, but Cua-Toc was an undocumented immigrant and was concerned about claiming his winnings as he might risk being deported back to Guatemala. Cua-Toc decided to then give his lottery ticket to his boss Erick Cervantes so that he could pick up the winnings on his behalf. However Cervantes claimed the money for himself. In 2012 the courts ruled in the favour of Cua-Toc after surveillance camera footage of Cua-Toc buying the ticket was shown.

  1. Throwing the Ticket Away

One lottery winning couple accidently threw away their winning ticket. Joanne and Joseph Zagmi bought a scratch off lottery ticket. When they got home with groceries the ticket was left in the bag and thrown away. They somehow remembered that they threw away the ticket and dug it out of the trash the next day. They actually won $1 million.

  1. Forgetting a Ticket

Ron Yurcus bought a lottery ticket in 2012 and then forgot about it. Three months later though, he was cleaning out his desk and discovered the pile of tickets and chose to check the numbers. One of the tickets was worth $1 million.

  1. Stealing Cars

There are some that have problems which can’t be solved by winning the lottery and in 2012 John Ross Jr. of California was accused of assisting in a car theft. Not only that, Ross had won $2 million in the California lottery a few months before. Ross had planned to buy his own car, but instead he was behind bars for assisting in an auto theft.

  1. Gambling the Winnings

Evelyn Adams won the lottery twice in the 80s seemed to have luck. She won a massive $5.4 million in total, but lost most of the fortune by gambling with her luck in Atlantic City. Adams though was generous and gave out money to those that asked for help. Now the winnings have dwindled away.