Biggest Casino Wins of all Time

The chance to win millions of dollars is a huge draw for many to gamble at casinos. Here are some of the biggest casino wins of all time according to moneybagsfull.com.

elmer sherwin


Archie Kara

Archie Karas walked into the casino with a mere $50 and managed to turn this into a massive $40 million.

He managed to build his fifty dollars into ten thousand dollars and decided that he was on a lucky streak and kept on going in the Las Vegas casinos. Eventually Archie Karas hit the jackpot and won forty million dollars.

Archie Karas became the luckiest man in casino history, but just as his luck came in it was also quickly gone. After he won the forty million he ended up losing it all. This just shows that when you are up its time to get out.

Biggest Online Casino Winner

Could you imagine sitting at home on your couch, with a cup of coffee and winning $38 million? It can happen with the online casinos.

With online casinos you are able to use your credit card to place bets in a safe and secure process. A man known as ‘Peter’ won the biggest online progressive jackpot. He won 11.7 million in Norwegian Krone which is equal to $38 million dollars.

Peter played Arabian Nights which is an online slot machine and made his millions whilst sitting at home.

Elmer Sherwin

Over the years the Megabucks progressive slots have paid out millions of dollars since 1989. Elmer Sherwin in 1989 won five million dollars and in 2005 he tried his luck again. He then went on to become a mega millionaire by winning twenty one million dollars. The odds of hitting a jackpot on the Megabucks machine are one in fifty million.

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley won the fourth largest casino win when he sat down at Fifty London Casino roulette Table. Mike Ashley is already known as the owner of the Newcastle United Football Club. Mike made his bet and won 1.6 million dollars. He thanked the dealer and collected his winnings. In 2011 it is reported that he lost £1 million in 2 hours.

Charlie Wells

In 1892 the fifth largest casino win was made. Charlie Wells played roulette for eleven hours straight and was known as ‘the man who broke he bank at Monte Carlo’. Charlie Wells won $1 million dollars and became famous, even musicians wrote songs about him.